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Student loan relief: principal reduction, debt relief, or loan discharge.

Shrink Your Student Loan Burden

If you have Federal Student Loan debt, you now have access to a no-cost debt relief analysis.  Leveraging the expertise of Gotzoom, the premier employee benefit provider of Student Loan Debt Relief, we will identify which of the qualifying programs would provide you the highest level of debt relief and/or forgiveness.  

No Refinance, No Credit Check, Retain all of Your Federal Student Loan Benefits and Protections

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Great, Great Experience. My monthly payments were $323. He got it down to $88 a month. I was also informed that my term is only 10 years.

I’ve saved $161,000 in less than a month! My monthly payments were $470 for over 30 years, my new plan brought my monthly payments down to $72 for the next 10 years. After that, my loan balance is forgiven!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my student loans eligible for this program?

All Federal Student Loans, ParentPlus Loans and even older FFEL loans have programs that can help!  Waiting may cost you money, lengthen your repayment period and reduce your forgiveness amount.  Also, new provisions recently put in place by the Department of Education could save you even more!  Your Gotzoom/Finnita advisor will detail your plan savings and discuss the impact of “now versus later” for your specific situation.  

What is student loan relief?

If you have Federal Student Loans, you may qualify for any of the student loan relief programs that are available to borrowers. You may be eligible for principal reduction, debt relief, or a complete loan discharge depending on your circumstances.

Are you refinancing my student loan debt?

No.  Gotzoom does not refinance your federal student loan.  There are no credit checks, loan applications or conversions of your federal student loan outside of the federal student loan structure,  Gotzoom identifies and works to get you certified for over 70 Federal Student Loan Payment and Loan Forgiveness programs offered through the Department of Education.

When does it take effect?

We begin working for you immediately by submitting your information and working with our advisors to find debt relief. We will provide you a no-cost, no-commitment benefits summary within three days. With your approval, the program benefits start within 30 days.

How safe is my information?

Gotzoom meets or exceeds industry standards for security and compliance.  Our proprietary platform safeguards your personal information through a dynamically configured set of protocols including full data encryption both for data in transit and at rest.  Gotzoom will NEVER sell or provide your information to a third party outside of our service chain and we only collect the minimum amount of information required to complete your savings analysis and certification process.

How do I begin?

Simply click the secure Register link at the top of this page and answer a few simple questions about yourself and your student loans.  At the end of the process, you will be able to schedule a time with your Analyst to discuss the results of your no cost no obligation analysis.